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Pacific Cruise Yacht and Ship Vacancies Full-time

at Pacific Ocean Cruises in (Published at Apr 15 2015)

We seek new crew workers to fill in several positions in our cruise ship base in U.K. Pacific Ocean Cruises U.K Seeks the following positions: ESL Teachers, Deckhand, chef, bar-tender, chef, cook, waiter/waitress, stewart, casino dice dealer, casino receptionist, accountant/purser, deck security officer, janitor, baby sitter, OOW, AYI, 3rd Engineers/Mates, Electrician, Senior Restaurant manager, interior designers, photographers, barbers, Crew Nurses, Doctor, hair stylist, kindergarten teacher, plumber e.t.c. Salary Ranging from 4,500 to 10,550 Great British Pounds. Send CV to Mr. Joseph Presley via email to apply today.

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